Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Fun!

Courtney and Brandon shared a sitter with us this weekend so we could go out for a friends birthday. Lisa's little boy Anthony fell asleep on the way over and then the boys had a sleepover. Lisa said they played till up till 11 and had a blast. I totally believe her because JD has napped for nearly 4 hours today.

I took this pic one random afternoon. Davis fell asleep watching Noggin and I could not get over how big he is! Not to mention how much he looks like his daddy!

Baylon (Courtney and Brandon's son) took over driving the boat for awhile (jk). Notice his hand on the radio... trying to keep the party going!
"May-day, may-day!" Davis driving, Baylon trying to radio for help!

Cool dude.
Davis' new life jacket. Not quite as restricting as the infant one, thank goodness!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crab Island and visit with Grandparents

John's parents came in town week before last and we got to play with them some. Of course we wish we could have spent more time, but unfortunately time is so limited for anything but work these days. All work and no play, makes for a very cranky Jen..... but, Grandma and Grandpa Brown came to the rescue and watched JD for a night so John and I could escape to Rosemary Beach. We had a really nice time and really enjoyed the time together. Thank you Momma and Daddy B for watching him. I know y'all enjoyed it as much as Davis did, but I know he is definitely a handful!

JD eating spaghetti with Grandma and Grandpa Brown at the condo. Notice how well he did in the big people chair... well with the exception of the mess, lol!

Davis got to swim a bunch with the Browns. He loves the water so much!

Davis waving on the boat! He has such friendly boat etiquette. Even the buoys were greeted by this little sweety sailor!

Helping dad pull in the anchor.

Playing with Elana Martin on their boat.

Sorry, couldn't resist posting these chubby cheeks!

Playing with Campbell Martin in the pool on the boat.

Aunt Beth seems so much more happy than Davis here... he must have spotted his sippy cup.

Helping Daddy drive the boat.

Nothing like a good cookie in the sun.
Just enjoying the breeze!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lots of catching up

John's computer has had a virus so I have been out of the loop for awhile, so I am just going to post a bunch of pictures with a few captions and not waste a lot of time on "blogging". Also, posting videos can take awhile so there will be no rhyme or reason to how they are posted. Enjoy!

Playing at the Commons Playground.
Sleeping Angel! Yes, I know he has a cut on his ear :-( We were turning in circles and he took off running and caught the edge of the coffee table with his ear. He is so tough though, he only cried for a minute.
It seems like only yesterday that he only took up half this much space :-(
Trying to put on mommy's shoes.

I had to run to the car for something and this is what greeted me. Does life get any better? My sweet boys!
Harbor Docks with Aunt Beth after church last weekend. Notice the "flat tire" on his outfit. Mommy noticed it when we got to church.
First time on the boat this summer. I think we need to upgrade the life jacket, lol. He did great, but once he figured out we were ON the water he wanted IN the water. It is still a little chilly, but I am looking forward to a fun summer on the water with the fam. I dipped him in the water all afternoon... I was exhausted. Davis was too :-) he slept the entire ride back to the marina.
At Baytown Wharf. Everyone thought they were original by saying they thought the stroller was pushing itself, haha. Davis got a kick out of it (not to mention the attention.)

At the playground at Baytown Wharf with Aunt Beth.
Davis loves brushing his teeth! I will say "Let's go brush your teeth" and he automatically licks his lips.
Look at his big ole' belly, lol!
Paci and blankie.
Davis learned how to climb on the coffee table and dance. Video to follow. He loves it and thinks he is absolutely hilarious!

This was on the way home from church. Davis kept falling asleep and I was trying to keep him awake so he would nap when we got home. I would tickle him and he just kept laughing and falling back asleep. It was precious!

We watched Slumdog Millionaire and the music on the credits is pretty catchy. He automatically started dancing. Still got the beat! By the way, great movie if you haven't seen it!!!

Davis has tried many drinks in the last few months. He loves all juices, milk, water and tea. I let him try Sprite for the first time today and well, you be the judge.....

This was at the fountains at the Commons. He is not too sure of them right now, but still had a great time!

Monday, April 13, 2009

A few pics from Easter

Here are just a few pictures from Easter Sunday this year. I am posting this from a doctor's office right now and don't have all of them on my work computer, but nevertheless wanted to get started on the post. The Easter Bunny brought Davis his very own Easter basket with some eggs, a little candy, a swimsuit and a toy cell phone that seems really real. He had fun digging through the basket and throwing stuff on the floor. Once he found the buttons on the cell phone, he was hooked on it for the rest of the day. After he found his Easter basket, we put on our Sunday best and headed off to the 9:30 service. Aunt Beth joined Davis, John and I. The service was great and the choir sang some beautiful songs. They did kind of a cantata with sermon points about Jesus' life throughout the service. It was really nice. Davis stayed in the sanctuary for about 15 minutes and then Aunt Beth took him to the nursery. After church and lunch, we had our first official "Easter Egg Drop". I call it a drop instead of hunt because the Easter Bunny literally dropped the eggs in the front yard and didn't take much time to hide them. Not to mention, John saw a snake in the backyard last week so I asked the Easter Bunny not to hide the eggs until we knew we were snake free. Ewwwwww!!!! Davis was just fine with this concept. He would pick up an egg and walk it over to the basket. He never really carried the basket, but he seemed to enjoy himself. The rest of the day was spent relaxing, playing and watching the Masters. It was a wonderful Easter! We missed all of the family but maybe next year John won't be so busy with work (wait, I really don't mean that! I thank God he is busy right now, but just maybe not this busy the week of Easter :-)

More pics to come!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

JD's 2nd Visit with the Easter Bunny

I took Davis to visit the Easter Bunny today at the Emerald Grand on the Harbor. We had such a good time! He did not cry, but was very was pretty much stone-walled when he saw the big bunny. I got a couple of good shots, but unfortunately he never smiled.

After the Easter Bunny, we went to play with our friends. We met the Martin Crew... Erin, Kris, Kiersten, Elena, Marah, Nick, Campbell, Amanda and her twins. We walked around and watched the kids play. They danced to the "Kiddie Karaoke" and ate candy. We ran into Davis' teacher from school and 2 of his girlfriends from class. The weather was absolutely beautiful, we just missed daddy :-(

Elena was pooped! Big sister was on stage dancing with her cousins and about 30 other kiddos.

We ran into Kate as we were leaving. She is a friend from school. They gave each other a big smooch when we saw her and they played for a little bit, but Davis was starting to get sunburned so it was time for us to go.

One last shot with mommy before we go.

JD found his nose!!! I have been working with him and he never seemed to get it, but on the way home from school Friday I asked where his nose was and he pointed straight to it! He can point to his eyes too, but after that he starts getting a little overwhelmed. Here's a video of my smart little boy!